EMC Integrates Quark XML Author with Documentum
It's just about a given that the businesses that are going to come out the other end of this downturn stronger than they went in are those that adapt.

A case in point is the announcement by Quark (news, site) that its XML authoring tool can now be integrated with EMC’s (news, site) enterprise content management system, Documentum, giving Documentum users the ability to develop intelligent and reusable XML content without having to bring in technical authors.

By integrating Quark XML Author with Documentum users will not only be able to create XML content, but validate existing content, manage links between XML documents and access it using XQuery and XPath standards.

And because of the XML features now available to users, they will also be able to leverage enhanced content searching with XML Store, multi-channel publishing with XML Transformation Services and dynamic content delivery with Dynamic Delivery Services.

Easy-To-Use Interface

The beauty of this is that it can all be done using an easy-to-use Microsoft Word-based interface requiring little or no training for users in companies that have already adopted Documentum.

Quark XML Author lets users create content in a familiar, simple and full-featured interface. It remains invisible until the Word user tries to edit an existing XML document or create a new one.


Quark XML Author

At that point, Quark XML Author slips in and modifies the operation of the user interface to correspond with XML requirements. While many functions continue to operate normally, others change to give users appropriate choices, ensuring they are creating correct XML.

With the integration, companies will benefit from:

  • Easy XML authoring by users that are largely non-technical
  • Out-of-the-box integration that will greatly reduced the role of IT in its deployment and administration
  • Easy multiple-author collaboration with easy and extensive assets search and reuse.

Integrating Quark XML Author

This is not the first time in recent months that the Quark Authoring tool has been integrated into a major enterprise content management system.

In April this year, Quark partnered with IBM, resulting in Quark XML Author being made available in the IBM FileNet Content Manager.

This integration was designed to eliminate existing problems surrounding the creation of enterprise-wide DITA-based XML and, similar to the integration with Documentum, allows users in FileNet to author content that can be used and reused in multiple channels or format.

In December last year another partnership deal saw the Quark XML authoring tool integrated into Alfresco’s ECM to develop integrated enterprise-class publishing and content management solutions for professional and corporate publishers.

Targeting Public Sector?

But the integration with Documentum is not just random, and this partnership sees Quark targeting large companies in the field of life sciences, financial services, manufacturing and the public sector, where both where Quark and EMC have many common clients.

With the public sector in mind, the two companies have announced a joint forum to be held on July 16 in Washington DC to outline what they see as the current challenges in enterprise content management -- particularly those associated with records management.

It can also be assumed that one of the solutions to those problems will be -- on the back of this partnership announcement -- this new integrated solution.

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