EMC Releases Free Documentum Developer Edition Enterprise CMS

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EMC Releases Free Documentum Developer Edition Enterprise CMS
What’s better than free? We sure can’t come up with anything, which is at least one reason the new EMC Documentum Developer Edition will likely earn a few double takes.

The new resource for application developers interested in utilizing the Enterprise CMS platform was released as a free download earlier this month, along with the announcement of a new developer-oriented community.

Simple Aims

As Craig Randall, Content Management & Archiving Engineer, EMC, puts it, the reason behind the new offering is simply that EMC is trying to provide a “low-touch DIY experience.” Accordingly, EMC Documentum Developer Edition can reportedly be installed after download in one easy click of the mouse.

The install includes the Content Server, DFS, Composer, DA and Webtop for content-centric application lovers. And for the social butterflies out there, the new community site offers forums for questions, troubleshooting, and general jabber.

“By integrating your local installation to an online community, the developer edition enables you to reach out to fellow developers and EMC employees as your pursuit your content management development interests grow,” Randall says.


EMC highlights the following points as the essential parts of the new release

Learning Opportunities

  • It’s Free (can’t say something like that too many times!)
  • One-click installation process for the core of the EMC Documentum ECM Platform
  • xDB and new XML Components
  • Integration between the resulting development environment and online community resources and support mechanisms

This first release bundles the SQL Server 5 Express Edition. Meaning it specifically targets Windows environments. Meaning it’s not available on a Linux box. Sorry, Linux peeps.

EMC’s solution to this problem? Voice your opinion in the new Developer Community, of course (clever, right?). Word on the street is that Product Management is already considering additional platform support, so at this time every little push counts.

Keep Up

Though the Developer Edition of Documentum is new, EMC’s efforts to provide fast and easy solutions are certainly not. Following a positive Q4, we saw the vendor kick out new Case Management Framework, a new version of ApplicationXtender, and increased CMIS support.

Will tossing in a free (there’s that word again) solution and offering up social options ensure more substantial growth despite current limitations? Follow the company here and let’s see.