Prior to EMC World, there was a lot of buzz about what might be announced. After Rick Devenuti’s keynote, it is clear that the buzz was not unwarranted. EMC’s (news, site) Information Intelligence Group (IIG) is making a big push into both the cloud and mobile worlds while making some big changes in their collaboration strategy.

Enabling Choice Computing

Continuing the theme established at the info360 Conference, the concept of Choice Computing through the use of mobile applications was a definite push. There was a live demo of an iPad application interacting with a Documentum repository. While not overly fancy, it was both practical and useful.

Initial availability appears to be scheduled for the third quarter of 2011. It was indicated that there would be new releases every 3 months and that applications would be available on all major mobile platforms.

Charging Into the Cloud

After being an afterthought last year, IIG appears to be trying to make-up for lost time on the cloud front. Rick stated that the current platform isn’t public cloud ready and that it will take time to make it ready. With that admission, EMC unveiled EMC OnDemand, a “hybrid cloud” approach to address the need in the short-term.

Based upon a stack of core EMC and VMWare technology, Rick outlined the concept of a vCube, a self-contained Documentum environment that can be deployed onsite or off-premise. Rick gave an off-premise example and explained that the goal was to provision new environments in two hours.
While not a true cloud solution, EMC OnDemand does promise to solve the complexity of deploying Documentum for larger implementations. The current schedule is for General Availability by year’s end.

Learning Opportunities

Collaboration Changes

Rick announced two new alliances to expand collaboration options for EMC customers. The first was with Cisco and their Quad collaboration platform. The vision is to combine Documentum and Quad into an Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform. The combination would merge the Social and Communication capabilities of Quad with the Business Process and Content Management of Documentum.

The second announcement was the integration between Documentum and Box. This solution is aimed at extending collaboration beyond the walls of the organization. Initially based upon the EntropySoft integration with Box, a tighter integration is planned down the road.

A Lot to Watch

These announcements promise a lot of value to EMC customers. Execution of these plans is the next step. The EMC base is going to be closely watching these developments in the coming months.