Over 7,000 EMC experts, technologists and buyers will be gathering in Orlando for EMC World 2007, a veritable gaggle of EMC experts and enthusiasts. EMC is a leading figure in the enterprise content management webiverse."Just as bringing information together enhances its value to an organization, bringing together the disciplines and experts responsible for managing that information also results in a tremendous amount of value for them and for the industry," said EVP Frank Hauck of EMC's Global Marketing and Customer Quality department. "EMC's scope and breadth have evolved to keep pace with the challenges and opportunities our customers face regarding the management and protection of information in all its forms. The unification of these three disciplines under one roof is a reflection of the more holistic approaches to managing and leveraging information that our customers have told us they need and want." "Conferences Engineered for a World of Information," the theme of this year's EMC World, will join a trinity of frontiering user conferences, including the EMC Technology Summit, Momentum, the EMC Documentum conference; and the EMC Software Developer Conference. 600 education sessions covering 364 topics will take place across the grounds of the Orange County Convention Center. Over 115 EMC partners will be exhibiting their merchandise on the grounds floor, in addition to 50 solutions offered exclusively by EMC. The conference will span May 21-May 24, kicking off Sunday with a concert by Hootie & the Blowfish. EMC Chairman Joe Tucci will conduct the keynote pressentation on Monday. It is entitled, "Building Tomorrow's Information Infrastructure." In addition to keynotes, a broad range of exhibits and a plethora of education sessions, the EMC World Conference will include 43 Birds of a Feather sessions, which enable clients to share experiences and collaborate. Attendees will also be able to test for certificatoin as EMC Proven Professionals. Recently EMC upgraded a suite of products for simplifying governance. Learn more about the conference, or register, here. If you're looking for other conferences to trawl, hit the Brainstorm Business Architecture Conference taking place in San Francisco from June 19-20. There's also cmf2007 in Denmark this November 6-8.