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In order to help customers better manage their electronically stored information while also meeting internal and external governance requirements, EMC has delivered new versions of both their email and file system archiving solutions.In a refreshing display of common sense, EMC EmailXtender version 4.8 puts the responsibility of archiving email on the corporate users who have the ground level understanding of their content.Rather than constantly updating the business rules of a software solution and hoping that nothing is missed, users will now be able to categorize emails for archival and retention based on their importance to the business at hand.EmailXtender can now utilize it's strengths as an archival and retention solution while placing the accountability for message management on the users.How important is email management?Wessam Baroudi, Barlows IT Manager, puts it in perspective stating, "By law, we have to retain certain client contractual information for a number of years. EMC EmailXtender enables us to efficiently and accurately archive all e-mails to ensure we have an easy-to-use, -manage and -search repository with an audit trail. In addition, the software enables us to maximize the disk space in our Microsoft Exchange environment by quickly and efficiently archiving and offloading old e-mails to secondary storage."Further enhancements in the new version will allow system administrators to track each email message throughout the entire lifecycle, thus verifying the existing routing rules while keeping an eye on the users who are now in charge of categorization.All this new functionality combined with full support for Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook 2007 should keep EmailXtender in the number one slot for email archiving applications working with EMC Centera content addressed storage.The second part of the announcement involves the release of DiskXtender for the Windows file system.Included in this new release is an improved search module which will deliver comprehensive file index and search across DiskXtender managed disks containing archived data.The improved search capabilities across multiple types of storage devices will allow users to easily locate both active and archived files for audit, analysis, or legal requirements.For knowledge workers, the amount of email we receive everyday shows no signs of slowing down.Whether you work for yourself or for a huge corporation, email -- and the documents that are often attached -- is becoming more and more sensitive to our employers.These products from EMC hope to simplify the management of this information and make it easily accessible if ever Big Brother comes knocking on the door. Check out more EMC news in the CMSWire archives.