In today's global environment, there are many competitive pressures driving law firms, big and small, to incorporate new technologies that will help increase the productivity of fee earners and improve efficiencies within the firm. Additionally, mergers and geographically distributed offices have put significant pressures on law firms to efficiently manage critical assets. Interwoven has gained traction in this market and just yesterday Hummingbird announced it is extending the Hummingbird Enterprise product with several new customer-driven enhancements for the legal industry.Hummingbird now offers advanced information retrieval and knowledge discovery capabilities from within Microsoft Outlook; enhanced BlackBerry® support for interactive access to knowledge assets; new optimizations for centralized deployments; and e-filing capabilities that are unique in the industry. Features include: Information Retrieval within Outlook Hummingbird now provides fee earners and support staff with advanced knowledge discovery capabilities from within Outlook. With Hummingbird Enterprise, legal teams now have access to their enterprise taxonomy, and can perform federated searches across multiple content sources, including non-Hummingbird repositories such as file systems, ODBC data sources, Microsoft Exchange repositories and Web sites, directly from within the Microsoft Outlook client. Interactive Knowledge Access BlackBerry® has become ubiquitous in the legal community and a necessary tool for today's busy lawyer. While interacting with e-mail is one major driver for wireless deployments, today the expectation of law professionals has grown to include interactive access to business-critical content and systems, enabling decision-making from anywhere, anytime. Hummingbird Enterprise Mobility is an out-of-the-box solution that leverages the BlackBerry wireless platform to enable mobile users to interact with work product and other content and systems, including Hummingbird Enterprise. Centralized Deployment Hummingbird Enterprise includes WAN optimization for up to five times faster performance for common tasks over a slow WAN connection as well as more sophisticated caching functionality to better serve remote office locations in a multi-office deployment scenario. Streamlined e-Filing Process With Hummingbird Enterprise for Legal, support staff can upload documents for e-Filing directly from the firm's document management library, thereby eliminating the need to manually retrieve and locally store the document prior to e-Filing. "Law firms operate in a progressively competitive environment with increasing pressures to improve client service levels and firm profitability," said Andrew Pery, chief marketing officer and senior vice president, Hummingbird Ltd. "Hummingbird understands the way lawyers want to work. Our ECM solutions help legal professionals with knowledge discovery, better streamline e-filing processes and provide access to relevant content for fee-earners on the go."