Nuxeo (news, site) added two new semantic modules to its recently released Nuxeo Marketplace. Both the Semantic Linking and Auto-Categorization packages use semantic technologies.

Semantic Linking

The Semantic Linking was built to automate linked data services in a Nuxeo EP-based repository. It is linked to the open source Apache incubator project Stanbol that we covered a little while ago. Not surprising, given Nuxeo’s involvement in the FISE The RESTful Semantic Engine project under the Interactive Knowledge Stack project (IKS).

This module can be used to analyze content against DBPedia as an online knowledge base created from information extracted from Wikipedia. The semantic engine identifies notable entities and related references within text.

Check out this video to see how it works in action:

Automated Document Categorization

This package was designed for document metadata autocompletion for newly created documents in Nuxeo EP via statistical analysis that can suggest appropriate categories for the metadata fields.

Various types of metadata can be populated:

  • Language
  • Subject
  • Elements from the Dublin Core metadata standard
  • One related to the Nuxeo application.