EntropySoft Releases SaaS Version Content ETL
EntropySoft (news, site) wants to connect to EMC Documentum's CenterStage. They have made the first step to do this with their new Documentum DFS Connector.

A New Way to Connect to Documentum

This is not EntropySoft's first time connecting to Documentum, but it is a new way. The first connector, known as Documentum DFC, connected to the repository via the document broker. But is has its limitations -- like firewall issues -- so they designed the new connector.

The new Documentum connector, called Documentum DFS, connects via web services. This connector has the same capabilities as most EntropySoft connectors -- it can read and write to the Documentum repository, search the repository and track changes made to the repository using the connector.

The DFS connector is a step in the right direction, as it is the first step in allowing organizations to connect to EMC CenterStage as well as the Documentum repository.

Covering Many Architectures

EntropySoft's connectivity strategy is to provide multiple ways to connect to enterprise content management systems. Organizations have different internal architectures and requirements. Offering different connector options should bring EntropySoft more customers.

Something For Everyone

EntropySoft has been working hard to offer new solutions to a wider range of potential customers. The company recently updated its Content ETL product and offers a standalone version of it for SaaS customers.

With over 30 connectors for different solutions like Open Text, Documentum, SharePoint and others, EntropySoft offers a number of ways to connect systems together.