Everyday another niche is born. Say hello to the birth of the Learning Content Management Solution, which, while hardly new, may discover a revival alongside growing interest in SaaS-style offerings. EZ LCMS plugs the theory of good content management systems into learning management, a much-needed marriage. Then the company took an extra step, making it affordable and simple to use for SMEs.While typical Learning Management Systems (LMS) may focus on large companies with massive training budgets, on-site IT personnel and full-time professional training staff, EZ LCMS focuses on the small and mid-sized institution. The "learning content management system" is a CMS tailored specifically to learning tools. Like most sound enterprise CMS offerings, it lets users build, import, assemble, deliver, re-purpose, and track content and events (tailored, of course, to staff or student training), with emphasis on ease-of-use and affordability. Other LCMS-focused firms include THINQ and, more recently, Tata. "Small businesses have traditionally been overlooked by Learning Management System companies," President Brian Stafford of EZ LCMS said. "We have put together a solution that we believe provides everything a small business needs to track their classroom training, and to convert that training to professional quality on-line, Web-based training products that can be delivered anywhere, and is tracked automatically." EZ LCMS boasts a feature list with highlights like: * template-based pages and question development * ability to import from Powerpoint * Web-conference capabilities * integrated eCommerce, allowing students to purchase individual courses * interactive pie and bar chart-based reports. EZ LCMS is available as a hosted solution for US$ 199 per month. This includes 1000 user accounts of any type, and 1 Gigabyte of allocated storage for courseware content and media. With EZ LCMS, a small business need only design the structure of a course and add pages and questions. Media such as graphics, narrations, video, or Flash interactions can also be included. The Web-based course is generated with the push of a button. Afterward, a business can assign students to take it, then view reports on his or her completion status and score. In the mood to build a Web-based university? Suddenly, it all seems too easy. Better still, EZ LCMS operates in the style and flavor of SaaS: There is no software to install, or any special hardware requirements; the entire system is accessible online. Businesses can purchase an extra GB of storage on EZ LCMS' servers, and 500 additional user accounts, each for an additional US$ 49 a month. By providing its own hosting and offering its solution up to the market for an affordable price, EZ LCMS may have found a niche in eLearning. Visit the website for more information.