While the release last year of Oracle’s UCM 11g offered users, for the first time with UCM, a unified repository in what Oracle described as a “strategic release," searching content was always going to be a problem. Fishbowl (news, site), an Oracle Gold Partner, is offering a way to overcome that with the release of a Google Search Appliance connector.

While there were already more-than-adequate search functions in Oracle UCM, there can never be too much search functionality and this new connector adds more, enabling integration between GSA and Oracle UCM.

Fishbowl’s GSA Connector

With it, users are offered an alternative to the existing standard database search options that come with Oracle UCM and brings Google search technology inside the firewall, providing search results in formats and lists with which any Google user will be familiar.

As a result, enterprises that are using UCM to manage websites, intranets and document systems will be able to integrate them, and, using GSA, will be able to index content and metadata residing in Oracle databases.

But the connector is not limited to UCM, and can be extended to sources beyond UCM, including file shares and other content stores, as well as content stored in the cloud and public web, effectively offering users one place from which they can search all content that is associated with their Oracle environment.

While the connector works with UCM 11g, which will probably be the main interest point for enterprises, it also takes into account those companies that have still to upgrade, or even deploy, the new version, and can perform searches across 10g, too. Some of the features that come with the connector include:

  • Search using standard and custom metadata fields
  • Search using full text
  • Search results based on UCM user roles/accounts through content server user roles
  • Search across additional sources including WCM-based websites
  • One display of the result even if it exists in several locations
  • Ability to search multiple Oracle UCM instances
  • Results link to full-context web pages instead of XML files
  • Content in hidden sections is not indexed

The result, Fishbowl says, is that users will be offered more immediate access to the content and data they need, wherever it is located.

Fishbowl, UCM 11g

By offering what appears to be a straightforward connector, Fishbowl is offering a solution to one of the issues around the release of 11g and the unified repository.

The release integrates Oracle’s content management platform into the Fusion Middleware architecture built on the unified repository.

With it, enterprises were offered integrated user features and infrastructure features into the applications and programs that people use in the workplace.

And with this, there is the proliferation of content that can make finding relevant content or documents a real problem, one where Fishbowl says it is offering a solution with the connector. The connector is available from Fishbowl, which is also a Google Enterprise Partner.