Gartner Acquires Burton Group
December was a busy month for industry research giant Gartner. They started the month announcing the acquisition of AMR Research and they ended the month with the acquisition of the Burton Group.

Same Size Different Services

Now these two acquisitions are not the same, each bringing a unique set of research capabilities and target markets to an already substantial research and analysis base.

AMR Research is best known for providing research for supply chain management. That's a new market for Gartner strongly related to the IT market they currently serve.

But the Burton Group provides an entirely new target audience aside from the CIOs and senior IT executives Gartner usually caters to. The Burton Group is best known for their practical, how-to IT advice to the front-line IT professionals. And that is a huge audience always demanding information to do their jobs better.

Not a huge company presently, the Burton Group has 41 research analysts, and 40 sales and client service associates. That's roughly the same size company as AMR Research, but costing Gartner a little bit less at US$ 56 million. The Burton Group has projected 2009 revenue of US$ 30 million.

Jamie Lewis, Burton Group’s chief executive officer is happy with the acquisition assuring clients that nothing will change, but noting the expansive market now open to company as they take advantage of Gartner's global reach.

The Biggest and the Best?

Do these two acquisitions push Gartner to the head of the research industry pack? Already one of the top two research companies (the other most well known being Forrester), the addition of new capabilities and markets can only strengthen them.