Gartner Acquires AMR Research for US$ 64M
Big news in the analyst world today as Gartner announces it has entered into an agreement to acquire AMR Research.

"AMR Research is an excellent strategic fit for Gartner.  The firm is the market leader for research related to supply chain management, which is inextricably linked to IT and has become a central and growing issue for many organizations."

The acquisition offer which has been in the works for weeks, will cost Gartner US$ 64 million in cash. AMR is expected to bring in US$ 40 million in revenue for 2009.

A good deal for AMR as Gartner is 32 times the size of the smaller research firm. To Gartners 650 analysts and 1000 sales reps, AMR adds 40 analysts and 45 sales reps.

AMR's Chief Research Officer, Bruce Richardson, said in a post that he looks forward to becoming part of the Gartner family. He notes benefits such as access to a wide range of research, global reach, a wider audience and more verticals.

He also notes it will be business as usual for AMR -- for now at least.