Gilbane Group
Much like The Simpsons' Troy McClure, you may know that group called Gilbane from the myriad of conferences and fact-filled newsletters which they've so graciously provided to those of us who are content management practitioners. Not content to bask in the glow of their triumphs, Gilbane has added yet another blog to their notable stable -- XML Technologies & Content Strategies is here to cast the light on our XML foibles.For all those organizations out there who are drowning in the exponentially growing amount of XML content traversing today's enterprise, there is hope. The Gilbane Group, a leading content management consulting and analysis firm, is celebrating their second decade in the industry with the launch of a blog dedicated to sharing best practices in XML content management. Why should you add yet another blog to your already swollen list of feeds? If your company has an enterprise content management system, that CMS most likely uses XML for storing content and therefore you need to know how to maximize the use of that content either via search or multi-channel publishing. If your company has other enterprise applications -- such as ERP or CRM -- and they don't talk to your CMS, then you need to know how to use XML to enable collaboration within your enterprise. If your company thinks content is simply text and images, and there are many organizations that fall into this category, then you need to keep up to date with trends and emerging best practices in content strategy. The lead analyst of the practice group, Bill Trippe, says it best:
“Project leaders, IT managers and business executives have always depended on Gilbane Group to help them understand the value of applying standards and technologies to their businesses...with this new practice, we are bringing together research, best practices and advice and guidance on XML implementation and technology acquisition that they cannot get from any other single source.”
While we trust you to stick with this old friend to keep up to date with the comings and goings of our fine industry, we can't help but recommend Gilbane's latest geek blog for what's important in the world of XML.