All content management system vendors, big or small, are known for maximizing the ability for end users to get content into their CMS of choice. Unfortunately, few of these vendors provide a way for users to locate managed content quickly and easily.A company that knows a thing or two about searching for content, Google, has been aware of this gap in content management functionality since early 2007 when the first mentions of an open source "connector framework" began to emanate from Mountain View. These whispers became imperatives with the release of version 5.0 of the Google Search Appliance. Since its introduction in 2002, the Google Search Appliance (GSA) has "had a vision to make search inside of business as simple and effective as searching on" according to Dave Girouard - vice president and general manager of Google Enterprise. The new version of the GSA brings this vision closer to reality with the ability to now "connect" the GSA to existing enterprise content management repositories. The GSA accesses and indexes running content repositories via what else, connectors. These connectors are built on top of an enterprise connector framework that supports: 220 file formats, file shares, intranets, databases, applications, and hosted services. If you are cringing at the thought of yet another expensive closed source solution for searching your content repositories, fear not as Google is making the connectors available under an open source license. The following products already have available connectors: * EMC Documentum * IBM FileNet * OpenText Livelink * Microsoft SharePoint It will be interesting to monitor the disruption that the new GSA has on the ECM market. Microsoft's attempts to challenge Google are well documented. Moreover, EMC Documentum has traditionally struggled with search and recently overhauled its search infrastructure with version 5.3 and D6. Along with the new GSA, Google also announces the launch of Google Enterprise Labs. This new site is intended to improve the search experience within businesses by providing access and insight into cutting edge search functionality such as: * Search-as-you-Type dynamic, real-time search * Do-it-Yourself Keymatch * Parametric Search and Filtering Although many will argue that this announcement is just another step in Google's quest for global domination, we think this is another example of the smartest company on the planet solving a relevant problem in the ECM space. For more information about the Google Search Appliance, head over to the website.