One of the challenges with SharePoint is tooling for both farm recovery and granular recovery, and one company is aiming to solve the problem.

Autonomy, in the meantime, publishes strong Q3 results with GRC at their center.

Disaster Recovery for SharePoint

For disaster recovery, Quest Software (news, site)  has just released an advanced version of Quest Recovery Manager for SharePoint, complete with disaster recovery. While there are a number of recovery tools for SharePoint on the market already, this one claims to be the only one that offers farm level disaster restoration.

According to Quest, the biggest challenge with SharePoint recovery is finding a single tool to perform both complete farm recovery and granular recovery based on a simplified search. This version of Quest Recovery Manager for SharePoint fills this gap, the company says.

The recovery tool uses existing and native SharePoint backups that provide granular level restoration by:

  • Scheduling configuration and content database backups
  • Simplifying search and preview capabilities
  • Utilizing organizations' existing SharePoint backups for restores
  • Simplifying recovery operations by
  • Providing full fidelity restores of document metadata

Unveiled at the SharePoint Technology Conference recently, it has been released on beta. If you want to access the beta, check it out here.

Autonomy's GRC Offerings Pay-Off

Autonomy (news, site)  has produced some impressive results for Q3 despite a fall-off in share price earlier on this month, with a jump in revenues of 10% on the same quarter last year to US$ 211 million and confirmation that a major acquisition is still on the cards.

A lot of this has been based on extensions of the IDOL technology, which resulted in some interesting releases in the GRC space. Some of the highlights, which you might recall include:

  • The release of its risk management platform for law corporations
  • The release of its intelligent Meaning Based Coding of eDiscovery.
  • The integration of IDOL into Message Manager, which Autonomy bought from CA

There have also been other deals signed and sealed in this quarter which in turn has provided the company with a rise in its OEM deals from 9 to 12, with signings that include GE, Iron Mountain and Symantec.

CEO Mike Lynch has also confirmed that there will be a major acquisition that would be something out of the “standard Autonomy playbook” and similar to previous acquisitions later this year.

Iron Mountain Releases Enterprise Discovery Suite

Iron Mountain (news, site)  has just announced the launch of its Enterprise Discovery Suite, an integrated offering of information governance and discovery capabilities that allows businesses estimate how much litigation is going to cost as well as the level of Discovery they will have to carry out.

The Enterprise Discovery Suite integrates content archiving, legal discovery and data classification functionality for enterprises currently doing discovery with disparate point products.

Some of the functionality includes data archiving from Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, file systems and third-party repositories to enable retention policies and legal holds.

It also comes with policy-based search to identify potentially relevant data from endpoint laptops and PCs as well as early case assessment to develop case strategy and reduce data volumes and document review in preparation for outside counsel review.

Overall, the Enterprise Discovery Suite enables IT, legal, compliance and information security to collaborate and proactively respond to legal mandates and requests as well as internal or regulatory investigations. There are a lot of different tools here that covers a lot of different eventualities. Check it out here.

Knowledge Tree Gets Single Sign-On

Many companies, especially in the SMB space are taking to the cloud and many more would if security wasn’t still a major concern.

As a result , KnowledgeTree (news, site)  has just announced a partnership with OneLogin that will add some assurance by delivering a single sign-on functionality enabling users to use one set of secure log-in passwords to access KnowledgeTree's document management software as well as all their other cloud-based applications with a single sign-in.

Users are now able to access and process invoices, contracts, and other documents faster than ever before through automated, secure log-ins.

OneLogin is making considerable progress here as more companies are looking to get rid of the confusing log-in passwords while at the same time maintaining security.

KnowledgeTree joins OneLogin's existing directory of more than 1,000 cloud applications, including, Yammer, and Zendesk.

TrueSign Releases New e-Signature

Another area that causes security concerns is electronic signature. To deal with that ImageSoft joins the growing number of vendors providing electronic signature software with the launch of TrueSign, an easy to use application that creates legally compliant electronic signatures suitable for a broad array of industries.

TrueSign is the electronic equivalent of physically signing a document enabling users to electronically sign or stamp a document in real time and eliminates the need to print, sign, and rescan documents.

It also increases the security and accuracy of the signing process by preventing the wrong person from accidentally signing a document and providing the ability to track and audit all document signatures. TrueSign has also just released a complimentary white paper on e-signatures, which can be downloaded here.