Open Text and Endeca Team-Up For DAM Solution
In a content management world obsessed with the dual goals of cutting costs and maintaining -- or improving -- quality in an ever tightening marketplace, the latest partnership between Open Text (news, site) and Endeca (news, site) should help achieve both.

Announced during the week, the two have teamed up to deliver Endeca’s Digital Asset Navigator solution on Open Text’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform.

Digital Asset Management with Open Text

As part of their enterprise content suite, Open Text offers a DAM solution known as Enterprise Media Management Solution. The solution offers capabilities such as:

  1. Desk-top drag and drop: Automated server-side upload of large content files with automatic indexing
  2. Asset storage: Storage across numerous archives using current archival technologies
  3. Security: Based on user and role-based profiles as well as a check-in check-out function.
  4. Asset Conversion: Convert assets from one file format to another increasing the ‘usability’ of a given asset
  5. Asset linking: Across the entire enterprise asset repository

Improved Search in Open Text DAM

In cases where users would like to reuse assets it has been difficult to do because many digital asset management solutions have limited search capabilities.

This is because, in general, while DAM solutions specialize in asset management and storage, search capabilities have been restricted by rigid navigational hierarchies.

Add into the mix the fact that other digital reuse information such as syndication rights, licensing rights, prior usage or marketing campaigns is often stored in siloed source systems making finding assets really difficult.

Endeca, a provider and developer of search applications, has overcome this difficulty with its Digital Asset Navigator independent of any individual system.

However, its integration with Open Text’s DAM solution, offers users a complete system that gives a 360-view of all data available.

Learning Opportunities

It also incorporates security protocols that ensure users can only access data they are allowed access.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

The new product works by integrating data from Open Text’s enterprise DAM solution. Using Endeca’s Digital Asset Navigator, users can search databases, file servers, enterprise applications and any system that stores assets.

The Digital Asset Navigator allows users to:

  • Assets: Access and see different attributes associated assets such as asset type location, and navigational orientation, through use of refined search tools.
  • Search: Search using a spell correction feature, compound word searches and synonyms.
  • Content Integration: Integrate content from other content systems enabling enterprise-wide searches so all assets are potentially reusable.
  • Security: Limit or expand access to different content streams depending on criteria set by system administrators.
  • Product Updates: Incorporate new versions of the ECMS as they come onto the market without having to re-code the existing DAN.

The combined solution uses open standard interfaces supported by both allowing for enhanced flexibility and development possibilities.

By integrating the two solutions, users will be able to find and reuse digital assets quicker and cheaper than they have been to until now. In addition, organizations will dramatically cut costs by cutting out the need to buy or recreate new assets.

Find out more from Open Text and Endeca.