Interwoven has deep legal roots, having set foundations in the realm of law as early as 2004, if not earlier. This, and the company's history in the ECM realm, are two good reasons why Salans, an international law firm, has chosen Interwoven to assist in its One Firm, One Approach Initiative.Interwoven will be replacing Salans' existing Hummingbird solution with WorkSite, a proprietary program that will assist lawyers and other employees to better manage (and, of course, share) documents on a more secure and intuitive platform. A document management system like Hummingbird fares best for a specific set of tasks within one organization; in particular, it suits well for data organization and collaboration, as well as compliance-oriented file management and recovery. The trouble is, a doc management platform isn't always scalable across multiple platforms and companies. For something like that, you need a robust enterprise CMS. Interwoven's WorkSite will be taking up the mantle in assisting lawyers worldwide with a "matter-centric" approach across offices scattered across the four winds. Tikit, legal IT specialists and Interwoven's partner in the endeavor, will help roll WorkSite out to over 1300 users in 18 countries as part of the broader Salans picture. Global IT Director Marcel Henri of Salans explained, "We selected Interwoven WorkSite first and foremost because of the intuitive nature of the interface. With this solution, our lawyers are able to file, store, retrieve, and share documents and email in exactly the same manner as with traditional paper-based files. "Secondly" -- and here's what we meant about the Hummingbird transition -- "[...] it was essential to implement exactly the same solution across all our offices - irrespective of their operating environment, existing infrastructure or language. This was a particularly important factor because 20 percent of our revenue comes from work 'exported' across offices." Fully confident in Salans' choice, VP Chris Junker of Interwoven's professional services industry solutions gleefully called his firm "the de facto standard for legal IT [...] used today by more Global 100, AmLaw 200, and top 200 United Kingdom firms than any other solution on the market." Salans has offices in Paris, London and New York. Its client base spans banks, insurance companies, investment funds, multilateral institutions, and public entities. It also serves as adviser to private firms, non-profits and "high net-worth individuals." For its part, Interwoven has had a very good year. And far from losing sight of its core demo, the enterprise at large, it's assisted in making collaboration easier in the everyday white collar office.