Jahia (news, site), an enterprise CMS vendor, is boosting its U.S. presence by tying up with a technology consulting firm Quoin (site) to help distribute Jahia's free community edition and paid-for enterprise CMS suite.

Big in America?

Jahia CMS is quite known in content management circles around the world. Now, the vendor is partnering with a U.S.-based company, Quoin, to extend the reach. Even before the partnership, the Swiss-based company (since its launch in 2002) has already notched up Fortune 500 clients including Goldman Sachs and such organizations as the United Nations.

Since adopting open-source licensing, Jahia brings two different offerings to the table. Jahia Community Edition is the free version. Developers can add their own features and feed them back into the package. The Enterprise Edition is a commercial version of Jahia CMS and comes with support.


Jahia comes in two flavors

The partnership with Quoin will provide product support, training and application development in the U.S. market. Quoin will be able to offer its system integrator services to existing and new clients when it comes to Jahia's open source, J2EE-powered Web CMS.

Quoin is also positioning Jahia as the Enterprise Web Content Integration solution to its customers. Pricing for the Enterprise Edition starts at US$ 2,690 (excluding implementation costs) with a range of extras at different pricing levels.

Toss the Quoin

With the ever-present push for global growth, there is a need for greater exposure in promising markets. Partnerships like this one should lead to Jahia software being offered to wider audiences, while increasing the vendor's revenue streams.