Kazeon Brings E-Discovery Management to Lotus Domino

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Kazeon Announces E-Discovery Management for Lotus Domino
In May, Kazeon (news, site) released their fourth generation eDiscovery software. Opening it up to the likes of corporations, legal service providers and law firms, working smarter and faster got easier. Continuing in the same direction, Kazeon recently announced the arrival of the Kazeon eDiscovery Domino Manager.

The Domino in question refers to IBM's Lotus Domino, which provides enterprise-grade e-mail, collaboration capabilities and a custom application platform. With Kazeon's Domino Manager, companies can implement a streamlined and transparent workflow for litigation responsiveness. By combining Kazeon’s eDiscovery solutions with Domino, direct native connectivity can deliver comprehensive and defensible eDiscovery across the enterprise.

Supplementing eDiscovery with Domino Email Analysis

As you may recall, Kazeon's fourth generation offers a wide variety of enhancements including collection and culling, legal hold management, analysis and review. The Domino Manager supplements these capabilities by providing forensic collection functionality, as well as email analytical capabilities, extensive data verification, data auditing and exception-reporting of eDiscovery for Domino environments.

Native Connectivity

Once companies begin to better understand where their information lays, they might just discover that it's in their email and other electronically storied information (voice mail, etc). Being able to effectively retrieve relevant emails, like those stored within a company's Domino server make the Domino Manager an obvious addition in helping to retrieve valuable information.

Learning Opportunities

Analytics, Dynamic Searches and GRC

Keeping eDiscovery in-house to save money doesn't mean that a company's data has to be cluttered and difficult to process and analyze. Kazeon's eDiscovery tools, like the Domino Manager, provide deep processing, fine-grained analytics, search and visualization of Domino data.

By using different metadata attributes, custodians, date ranges and content, Early Case Assessments and in-house analysis and review can be executed accurately and comfortably.

Combined with a dynamic concept search, relevant concepts can be extracted from within Domino and the rest of the enterprise environment, making those those pesky governance, risk and compliance projects a little more bearable.  Learn more about the Kazeon eDiscovery Domino Manager