AvePoint has once again beefed up its mission to protect and serve! SharePoint, that is. Focusing more on the protection side this time around, the infrastructure and management solutions provider has released two new compliance and platform protection tools: Content Shield and SharePoint Antivirus.

Ain't Nothin Wrong with Using Protection

The two tools are both nice follow-ups to AvePoint’s Website Migrator, a tool released just last month with which users can centralize their Web assets by moving any HTTP/HTTPS site, portal and content into SharePoint.

With the new Content Shield, organizations can scan all content before uploading it into SharePoint and verify that it contains no bad juju, a.k.a. malicious code, or profane, discriminatory, confidential, and otherwise non-compliant content.

All the while, AvePoint SharePoint Antivirus offers anti-malware protection for SharePoint 2007 environments.

“We are very excited to introduce these new products to the SharePoint community", said Dr. Tianyi Jiang, AvePoint's COO. "SharePoint is being leveraged as an enterprise collaboration and content management tool by an increasing number of organizations, and the demand for effective compliance and virus protection solutions is growing."

Protection Dressed to Impress

Both tools reportedly fully integrate with the SharePoint Central Administration interface, so you can get all of your business done from one location. With Content Shield, business can now include processes such as:

  • Real-time and scheduled scan of all content prior to upload (knock out those pesky viruses, worms, rootkids and Trojans immediately)
  • Deploy multiple, customizable dictionaries for implementation of new compliance policies and multi-language support (Unicode)
  • Quarantine all non-compliant content to any network addressable drive/path for review

While SharePoint Antivirus takes care of a host of other things, including:

  • Quarantine based outside of SQL with full review access allows for both secure platform protection and efficient resolution following the discovery of malicious content
  • Scan of all similar and versioned content upon identification of malware event verifies integrity of all previous item versions
  • 8 Incremental database scans provide extra level of business security while optimizing system resources

“A critical element of AvePoint's R&D process is learning from SharePoint administrators what type of solutions they need to take full advantage of the platform,” continued Jiang. “Content Shield and SharePoint Antivirus were born of this process, and we are confident the SharePoint community will be very impressed with their capabilities."

How Much Does Safety Cost?

Well, we’re not sure. Unfortunatey, instead of listing pricing information on their site, AvePoint requires interested parties to call for a direct quote. We do know, however, that the tools must be purchased separately (but are installed as a bundle), so before you go turning out your pockets, why don’t you try them here for free and tell us what you think.