AvePoint (news, site), a company that provides SharePoint infrastructure and management solutions, and in particular migration tools, has just announced the release of Website Migrator.

Website Migrator allows organizations move any HTTP/HTTPS site, portal and their content into SharePoint. It was developed in response to the growing need by companies to centralize their web-based assets and, in this case, to centralize it in SharePoint.

Migration IS Error-Prone

The problem is that in the vast majority of cases, this has been an expensive and time consuming process and, because of the vast amounts of information being transferred, open to a considerable number of errors.

As use of SharePoint becomes more frequent, Dr. Tianyi Jiang, AvePoint’s Chief Operating Officer says demand for an inexpensive and effective means of migrating web assets is also increasing.

The result is Website Migrator, which provides comprehensive mapping tools, link management and content search and functionality.

Two Drivers For New Tool Development

Driving the development of Website Migrator was a number of business objectives that are seen to be increasingly important for SharePoint users.

Principal amongst these, the company says is the reduction of management and licensing costs that occur as a result of unifying legacy web and portal elements into SharePoint, and in doing so making the overall SharePoint product more attractive to end-users.

Migrator also allows client organizations using hosted SharePoint and SharePoint Online to move their web assets without the need for the installation of any extra tools onto SharePoint.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Website Migrator has a single easy-to-use interface allowing systems administrators to migrate any HTTP/HTTPS accessible web content into SharePoint including code, embedded tables, related documents, images and HTML regions.

It also allows users to preview the migration before the move is completed and thereby dramatically reduce the number of errors that will occur.

Using default site hierarchy, it will also map all assets to the SharePoint framework, as well as sort, filter and analyze page templates and hierarchies in the target website through a single interface.

While AvePoint says that this latest migration tool allows organizations to move easily and quickly to SharePoint it has only gone out on release and there are, as yet, no critical evaluations of those claims.

It will probably take a while before anyone can say for certain that it does what it says on the tin.