KnowledgeLake Unwraps Entry Level CMS
KnowledgeLake (news, site) brings a new CMS offering to cater to the starter document imaging market, leveraging a familiar platform -- SharePoint.

Leveraging the SharePoint WSS Platform

We have covered KnowledgeLake's range of SharePoint add-ons, such as Capture Suite, in recent months. Now the company is making a break for it and producing its own complete system that uses SharePoint's own foundation platform, Windows SharePoint Services, which is free to use, removing the need for an existing SharePoint installation and keeping costs down compared to the larger ECM offerings.

An ECM Mixing SharePoint WSS and Silverlight

Due for release in the Fall, KnowledgeLake X-Series (a working title) is built from the ground up to be easy to install and manage. Operating within Windows Server 2008, with a one-click install, users will get  Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS) as the ECM repository and a front-end created with Silverlight, which is a bit of break from the norm and one that hopefully will allow KnowledgeLake to create something beyond the usual bland interface.

Once installed, the system will give small to mid-size companies an instant method of capturing, sorting and analyzing the data from its paper documentation.

For companies with sensitive information to protect, X-Series has a new feature called DocEncrypt that will let a user select a section of an image or PDF file and choose to encrypt and obscure it with a password, so that sensitive details on a schematic or contract can be hidden while the rest of the page remains clear.

Not Here Yet

With the launch still some months away, details are pretty thin on the ground on pricing, although there will be three versions, hardware appliance, virtual appliance and software to widen its potential user base.

Here's hoping SharePoint 2010 doesn't steal any of its thunder.