Laserfiche Adds FileTek’s Trusted Edge Email Archiving To ECM
More eDiscovery software, this time from FileTek (news, site). It has just teamed up with Laserfiche (news, site) to create the Trusted Edge Intelligent Email Archive solution for Laserfiche, effectively extending Laserfiche’s enterprise content management functionality by enabling it to tackle unstructured email content.

Given the kind of vertical industries, particularly government and corporations, that Laserfiche is providing content management for, it is hardly surprising that they have developed email archiving. That it has done so using FileTek’s Trusted Edge is interesting and gives an indication of where one of their big concerns lie.

Trusted Edge v4.0

Just to recap, you may remember last September that FileTek launched Trusted Edge v4.0 which could go onto employee’s laptops and desktops to get all that pesky, unstructured content properly classified.

At the time of launch FileTek estimated that end users create up to 80% of content on a daily basis, that 20% of this ends up as business records, with the other 80% floating around email, file shares or desktops.

While Trusted Edge v4.0 extended enterprise content management system policies and enabled them to rummage through desktops and file shares for the uncategorized business information, its Intelligent Email Archive does the same for email.

Email Archiving

Email Archive is a classification and archive platform that can automatically intercept, classify, tag and move email assets as they are created and read.

Driven by a set of managed policies it interprets the contents of email as it flows through the enterprise and makes intelligent decisions about how each message should be processed and archived.

And this is what Laserfiche has added to their ECM. The Email Archiving adds:

  • Management of all incoming and outgoing email as well as Exchange public folders
  • Automatic tagging while it is placed in secure repositories
  • Automatic record creation in real time as users work with email
  • Functions in online and offline email environments
  • Automatic synchronization to all clients
  • Pre-built, or customizable policies
  • Reporting statistics based on company defined criteria

If you’re interested in checking it out, Laserfiche and FileTek will be putting on a demonstration at the Empower 2010 Laserfiche Institute conference from January 11 – 13 in Los Angeles.