Liquid Machines, an Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) solutions provider, released the Liquid Machines Gateway for SharePoint. The new solution aims to protect documents and eliminate the risk of data loss beyond the SharePoint collaboration and document management environment. It is all about protecting corporate intellectual property and other forms of highly-sensitive data. Plus, who doesn’t cater to SharePoint users nowadays? Especially, since it gets all kinds off accolades every so often.As organizations struggle to protect their sensitive information, integrations between Enterprise CMS and Enterprise Digital Rights Management (eDRM) systems can certainly be seen as an additional layer of security to help prevent loss of intellectual property and inappropriate disclosure of proprietary enterprise information. This is where the Gateway for SharePoint comes in.

The Gateway for SharePoint

The Gateway for SharePoint is tightly integrated with Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS) to persistently protect files opened or downloaded from SharePoint. The Liquid Machines Gateway for SharePoint supports existing business processes and workflows by extending persistent information protection to a broader range of document and file types and enabling advanced rights-managed workflows. Liquid Machines has been busy in the Microsoft arena since 2003, offering solutions that integrate with and extend the efficacy of Windows RMS. Liquid Machines enables users to create and manage a persistent set of access controls that travel with the content, protecting against unauthorized access to files regardless of where they travel.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of the Liquid Machines Gateway for SharePoint include: * Persistent protection outside of SharePoint * Support for more than 400 file types * Improved collaboration for SharePoint users * Enhanced workflow and usability

Biting on SharePoint’s Market Share

"Microsoft has sold more than 100 million licenses of SharePoint and surpassed total sales of US $1 billion since its introduction," said Ed Gaudet, senior vice president of corporate development and marketing at Liquid. Liquid Machines is, hence, eager to support this substantial market. Documents removed from SharePoint are automatically protected by the Gateway for SharePoint with an RMS policy that includes the proper permissions for all authorized library or list users. Authorized users, even when working outside of the network, can collaborate on protected documents without first returning to the library. Different users can have different usage rights based on their SharePoint permissions. If an unauthorized user obtains a copy, they are prevented from opening it. When the document is saved back to SharePoint, the Gateway decrypts the file to maintain indexing and search capabilities within SharePoint. To learn more, visit Liquid Machines’ web site.