LucidGaze: Free Monitoring Tool for Apache Lucene

Lucid Imagination (news, site) continues to show its (mainly dollar-amount-driven) support for open source Apache Lucene and Solr search technologies.

Recently, the company released a nifty (oh, and free) monitoring, performance and optimization tool called LucidGaze for Lucene.

Gazing at Lucene-Based Applications

LucidGaze is a monitoring tool for installations using the Java Lucene search library. It supports Apache Lucene version 2.4.1 and later. Aside from helping developers optimize their Lucene-based applications, the other piece of good news is that LucidGaze is free.

The product works by reverse-engineering characteristics of the Lucene application and providing a framework for developers to improve application management.

Using LucidGaze, developers can harvest data (e.g., the rate of queries, query speed, text analysis times, memory consumption, changes to index structure, etc.), analyze the performance and optimize their search apps.

Before We Had LucidGaze

According to Lucid Imagination, the tool comes to the market following a long time of waiting for something that can free folks from the trouble of custom coding every time they want to monitor and optimize performance of their Lucene-based applications.

Until recently, there were no readily available or built-in monitoring tools.

LucidGaze for Lucene supports a number of statistics collectors (aka monitors):

  • Analysis Monitor for data on different analyzers and filters used to create the index.
  • Document Monitor, which is in charge of collecting info on documents and fields added to (or retrieved from) a Lucene index.
  • Index Monitor with statistics on buffers, memory usage, Lucene index readers/writers and add/commit times.
  • Search Monitor tracking search cycle times
  • Store Monitor to monitor the number of directory instances.

Every monitor can be controlled and reset individually.

But What About Solr?

With Lucene and Solr being popular (even defacto, some say) choices for many enterprise search technology and content management use cases, you may wonder about monitoring tools for Solr.

Lucid Imagination has an answer to that, too. The vendor also offers a free monitoring tool for Solr implementations, whereas LucidGaze is designed specifically for enterprises using Lucene without Solr.