Mark Logic Launches Cloud Based Information Infrastructure
Mark Logic (news, site) has just announced that it is providing a new line of cloud services that will enable customers to access and use the MarkLogic server on Amazon EC2.

Apart from the fact that they will now be able to use Mark Logic software on a pay-per-hour basis, they will also be able to subscribe to it directly from Amazon Web Services for ease of access, and use only what they need to use.

MarkLogic Cloud Services

The launch of the new services, however, is not just about making them available on EC2, but in total introduces three different components that should make life easier for anyone looking at the cloud.

These include:

  1. Availability of Mark Logic software on public clouds
  2. Ability to load MarkLogic Server licenses onto public cloud infrastructure
  3. Certification on virtualized platforms for private cloud deployments like VMware

The new EC2 presence consists of an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) -- a of virtual appliance used to create a virtual machine within the Amazon Cloud -- with MarkLogic Server pre-installed.

Cloud-based MarkLogic Server 4.1

And because it’s been awhile since we looked at MarkLogic Server, let’s recap for a minute. MarkLogic Server is an XML server that enables a wide range of information applications including custom publishing, search-based applications, content analytics, unified information access, metadata catalogs and threat intelligence systems.

Its most recent version -- 4.1 -- was released last July and came with:

  • URL rewriting and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) support included enabling developers to build information services.
  •  XML Validation of whole documents or parts of documents against an XML Schema.
  • Secure network communications to and from MarkLogic Server to Web browsers, WebDAV connections, servers in a MarkLogic cluster and other web services.
  • Advanced Japanese Language Support.
  • Task scheduler that allows organizations to regularly schedule tasks to be executed by the server.

Mark Logic hasn’t said how much access to their cloud services is going to cost, but apart from the flexibility of the new product, what the California-based company is promising is cost efficiency.

But then everyone is promising that at the moment. While it has only been released this week, it should become very clear very soon as to whether it lives up to the promise.