Mark Logic Launches New Application Services, Updates Core Software

Today’s a double whammy kind of day for Mark Logic (news, site). The information-centric applications provider not only has a new version of their flagship solution to parade around, but a new product for designing, developing and deploying applications as well.

World, meet both MarkLogic Server 4.1 and MarkLogic Application Services 1.0.

MarkLogic Sever 4.1

Mark Logic kicks out products that assist in storing, managing, and dynamically delivering content. MarkLogic Sever, an XML server, is like the cream of the company’s crop.

Key new features in version 4.1 are dedicated to allowing organizations to create, consume, and deliver secure information services and applications. The list includes:

  • Expanded REST Functionality: URL rewriting and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) support included. This enables developers to build information services such as metadata catalogs and workflow engines.
  • Schema Validation: Say hello to new features for validating whole documents or parts of documents against an XML Schema. This functionality helps customers ensure that information assets meet organizational requirements.
  • HTTPS/SSL Support: This new version adds the capability to secure all network communications to and from MarkLogic Server to Web browsers, WebDAV connections, servers in a MarkLogic cluster and other web services.
  • Advanced Japanese Language Support: Version 4.1 features built-in support for language-specific stemming, tokenization and entity enrichment of Japanese content.

“MarkLogic 4.1 represents a significant leap forward in the movement towards information-centric applications,” said Jason Monberg, vice president of product management, Mark Logic Corporation.

“Whether delivering a dynamic book publishing application or an eDiscovery information access platform, the newest release…empowers customers to simplify their infrastructure and speeds the delivery of information services.”

MarkLogic Application Services 1.0

MarkLogic Application Services 1.0 adds three new legs to the Mark Logic family: MarkLogic Application Builder, Search API and Library Services API.

Each of these core services is designed to enable customers to prototype new applications in addition to building production-ready applications without yanking out too much hair in the process. Ideally, customers will be able to create new ways to explore their content assets in a quick and timely manner.

  • MarkLogic Application Builder: A graphical application development tool that speeds the creation of search-based applications without writing a single line of code.
  • MarkLogic Search API: An API equipped with a library designed to simplify the development of rich search applications.
  • MarkLogic Library Services API: This new API adds library services such as check-in, check-out, and versioning. With this functionality organizations will have greater control over documents in multi-author and other regulated environments.

“Mark Logic has sought a different path and built a revolutionary infrastructure from the ground up to address the rising tide of information,” said Dave Kellogg, chief executive officer, Mark Logic Corporation. “By making it easier than ever before for customers to develop information-centric applications, MarkLogic Application Services 1.0 supersedes traditional technologies and ushers in a new era for unlocking content.”

Ground Breaking?

We’re pretty sure the words “the rising tide of information” hit home for just about everyone. Naturally, any solution that attempts to help make sense out of the overwhelming amounts of info that go whizzing by every nanosecond, is a welcome candidate.

With extremely high hopes, Mark Logic is positioning their new application services to be like their cream of the crop pt. 2, but will it fit the bill? You readers know as well as we do, taming the flow of information has, thus far, been an uphill battle.

Follow their newfound efforts with us here and let’s see how Mark Logic does. Need more convincing? Get information on the new solution straight from the horse’s mouth (via YouTube) here.