MarkLogic Sever 4.0
Content solutions provider, Mark Logic (news, site) has secured US$ 12.5 million in further venture capital funding to help expand sales and development of its XML server and other products.

Grow, Baby, Grow

Contrary to a lot of perceived wisdom, venture capital isn't dead. It is just being selective in the projects that it chooses to invest in. Mark Logic has a proven track record in its niche market and will be using the US$ 12.5 million in funding to help boost its revenue.

The purse-holders at Sequoia Captial and Tenaya Capital will have performed a thorough check of Mark Logic's contracts and business plans before releasing the funds. The fact that Mark Logic was recently named the fourth-fastest growing IT company in Silicon Valley probably helped. This is a million miles away from four guys with an idea on a beer mat and a garage in the valley.

Excel at XML

Mark Logic has a couple of interesting products on its roster, MarkLogic Server offers document management and content enrichment as a major feature. Taking information from any document, from Office files to books, charts and video, it allows live addition of metadata, comments and ratings to all kinds of content. That new information can then be used by others or applied to new applications without any further conversion.

MarkLogic server combines content management and query in a single application, something that has found success with media, government and science and financial organizations.


MarkLogic Server manages and repurposes any type of content

SharePoint users can make use of MarkLogic Server thanks to the company's Connector for SharePoint. It also makes document check-out and check-in more straightforward and improves workflow integration.

The Toolkit for Word adds dynamic search and reuse, content enrichment and custom metadata to Microsoft Word 2007. The toolkit lays the foundation for custom applications that can take advantage of MarkLogic Server’s ability to find and retrieve granular information quickly.

Having recently picked up the Best Database Management Solution and Best Corporate Blog at the Software and information Industry Association's CODiE Awards, Mark Logic is clearly headed for great things and with a total of US$ 45m in investment since launch in 2001, its investors must be very condfident.