Marketing Vendor Gets Cosy with Content Management

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Alterian acquires Mediasurface cms
The worlds of integrated marketing and content management come a little bit closer as Alterian, a provider of integrated marketing announces it intent to acquire web content management vendor Mediasurface. What does a marketing company want with a content management company? Well to offer a fully integrated product suite of course.According to Alterian, the acquisition of Mediasurface will enable them to create a new integrated marketing platform that support websites of all kinds with their leading analytics functionality."Through the acquisition of Mediasurface, Alterian will create an integrated marketing platform that combines online and offline customer analytics with content and multi-channel execution to help marketers optimise customer experiences across the web in real-time,” said Alterian CEO David Eldridge.Does this mean, Alterian is now tying their software tightly to one specific content management solution? Or in the case of Mediasurface, three content management solutions as they have three different products: Morello, Immediacy and Pepperio. CMS Watch analyst Tony Byrne is not so sure this is the best thing for Alterian saying, "Yes, many website scenarios are marketing-oriented, but not as many as analysts often think. Perhaps more importantly, the history of diversified software vendors taking on a Web CMS tool to cross-sell to their existing base is not one marked with great success..."Tony has a good point when it comes to not all websites being marketing oriented. It begs the question, does this acquisition tie Mediasurface products to a more marketing oriented style website? In addition, does it tie Alterian analytics solutions to a Mediasurface content management solution? Integrating these two products lines is going to take some time, time that Alterian could have spent further developing a standalone solution.According to Alterian, the combination of these two companies sees 1,000 marketing departments and a network of 100 channel partners across 26 countries selling solutions. That's a lot of people actively selling.The offer amounts to roughly £18.1 million and each Mediasurface Share at 15 pence (based on the Closing Price of 160 pence per Alterian Share on 15 May 2008). This represents a premium of 150.0 per cent to the Closing Price of 6 pence per Mediasurface Share on 23 April 2008. Mediasurface is saying that all current customers will be unaffected by this acquisition. They have even gone so far as to dedicate an entire section of their website to describing the Alterian platform - more than we've seen other companies do in the past. And so the cross selling has begun.The acquisition is expected to be completed in late June. In the meantime, read more about the acquisition and the two product lines at their respective websites: Alterian and Mediasurface.

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