MarkLogic (news, site) has a new CEO and he thinks it's time to bring MarkLogic into the limelight as the go-to provider for information management.

The Excitement of Unstructured Data Called Him

Ken Bado started at Autodesk in 2002. For eight years he did sales and service for the company helping take it from revenues of US$ 800 million to US$ 2.3 billion. If that doesn't sound good enough, shares increased from US$ 6 to US$ 50 during his time. When he left, he was executive vice president of sales and service.

When we talked to Bado, he told us that he had made the decision that if the right CEO position came along he would take it. And when he was on a sabbatical from Autodesk last summer, that opportunity presented itself when he was contacted by Sequoia regarding MarkLogic.

Bado was looking for a real company with real work, one that was looking to scale out. The idea of working for a company focused on supporting the reams of unstructured data excited him. And MarkLogic is a growing company. Currently it has 250 employees and 240 customers, the majority who are using MarkLogic on mission critical systems.

Taking MarkLogic into the Known World

His challenge as he takes the reigns is that MarkLogic may have a a solid product, but it's really not that well known. According to Bado, people aren't sure where MarkLogic fits. And dealing with unstructured data -- and big data at that -- is a relatively new market.

But big data is MarkLogic's sweet spot. Ron Avnur, Vice President, Engineering told us he believes what they are doing is unique in the market. The ability to put data into a real-time system and do real analytics/queries in seconds is definitely important to many of today's enterprises. MarkLogic supports some of the biggest data hogs (i.e. the little three letter government agencies) and has been a key enabler for many publishing organizations to move to the digital world.

MarkLogic has the foundation, the technology, and the people to be a multi-billion dollar company. In a relatively short time, the company has experienced tremendous growth and now it is my job to multiply it ten times over,” said Bado

Go To Market Approach

Bado filled us in on MarkLogic's go to market approach. Its model has been around enterprise selling and has been very successful, but Bado said if it want to truly scale then it needs to leverage partners. There are also plans to take down barriers for developers who want to work with MarkLogic, and it is looking at how to support the student community.

As for the technology roadmap, Avnur indicated that MarkLogic would be aggressive on the tools they develop.

Taking on the giants like Oracle and IBM may be a challenge for MarkLogic, but Bado believes MarkLogic has the advantage over some of the traditional players (Oracle was specifically mentioned). We'll keep an eye on things in the big data world and expect that we will be seeing much more of MarkLogic and hearing much more from Ken Bado.