MediaPool Brings ECM to Newspaper Publishing

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Digital Technology International, the multinational developer of publishing software for news media outlets, has released a new CMS designed to simplify multi-channel distribution, processing, publication and management ofnewsroom content.MediaPool unifies content in a single database and interface structure, using this platform to publish to online, offline and mobile channels. The unified database reduces duplication and streamlines operations, and enables a child-parent tracking of a story's history through edits. This unified database runs on the relatively obscure MUMPS(M)-based Cache database technology. Now there might be an issue here. Oracle/MySQL/SQL Server and most popular proprietary database systems are 'relational' (RDBMS). Cache and other M-based databases are object-driven (ODBMS), and the two standards are completely different beasts. This means Mediapool will be running on a fundamentally different database engine than what you (probably) have already. Will this make content-migration a nightmare? How will it affect integration with other db's? I'm not that guy so I can't really say (feel free to contribute if you have anything to say on the matter). But it's something potential buyers will certainly want to look into. On the plus side, M-based databases are super-quick for certain tasks. So credit to DTI for trying something different.In any case, DTI developed an extensive range of software for newspaper media production, and MediaPool pulls them together under a single interface structure. These tools include LiquidMedia, a workflow manager; ClassSpeed, NewsSpeed, and WebSpeed, all of which comprise a total editorial suite which utilizes InDesign and InCopy (DTI is partnered with Adobe). Other DTI tools include eWriter, which enables remote contributors to deposit content via a web browser, and AdReady, a clever do-hickey which enables advertisers to manage their ads via the web.MediaPool has also built in e-publishing technology which can publish content direct to the web, "without the burden of heavy middleware" by integrating Flash, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, and Visual Communicator in the interface. Will Eisley of Adobe sums things up rather more succinctly than DTI itself: “News publishers today are faced with the daily challenge that content must flow into print, web and mobile near simultaneously. DTI's MediaPool is an example of a media–neutral content database that, when coupled with Adobe Creative Suite 3, will allow publishers to efficiently create and syndicate content for Web, print, mobile or video.”Yes, but what else you got for me, DTI? No open source technology? No news on things like mixed-stack compatibility? No word on whether I can run it on Linux? What are you... Microsoft??

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