Fasoo.com Offers DRM for MOSS
At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston this week, Microsoft was the only one announcing new products and services. Korea based Fasoo.com announced a new Digital Rights Management solution for MOSS called the DRM ONE for SharePoint. Fasoo took their own independent DRM solution and developed an integration layer with MOSS to provide "effective and persistent protection of any digital contents" stored in the ECM. This includes MS Office documents, images, PDFs, video and music. The architecture integration is displayed in the following diagram:

DRM ONE for SharePoint is a packaged solution that is deployed into an existing SharePoint environment. It will also support other applications developed on the SharePoint platform. Key Functions of the solution include: * Document Encryption: Documents are automatically encrypted when downloaded from MOSS * Persistent Protection: Control of documents through access privileges for actions like open/close, edit, save, print and screen capture * Usage Tracing: Active monitoring of document usage * Policy Management: Through MOSS Microsoft SharePoint does have some digital rights capabilities built in to the platform but they certainly wouldn't be as robust as a third party solution. We've mentioned a few other vendors with offerings in this SharePoint space including Merido and OmniRIM. It will be interesting to see how many more vendors start offering SharePoint integrated DRM solutions -- especially since this is such an important aspect of content management solutions.