Need to Migrate Your Oracle Content into SharePoint?
Metalogix (news, site) knows the inner workings of SharePoint. And they like to help their customers work better and smarter with the platform, like helping them migrate data from other content management systems. Their latest Migration Manager works for Oracle Content Server.

Out of Oracle, Into SharePoint

Oracle content management is not a topic we have covered much, until recently with the latest updates to the Oracle suite of products just announced. It seems a fitting time to start taking a closer look at this content management system and that includes looking at how to migrate content out of it.

Metalogix, well known for their SharePoint solutions, is now offering a migration manager that will do just that -- migrate Oracle content out of Oracle, and into SharePoint.


Metalogix Migration Manager for Oracle/Stellent

The migration manager has a simple interface, similar to that of Windows Explorer. Move all your content into SharePoint, or only some of it. But you can move all Oracle objects -- discussions, metadata, revisions, users, roles, customizations -- and re-organize it as you go.

The migration process can be performed from any client machine as it uses remote APIs. It also supports batch processing, for those times when you want to schedule the migration for a certain period, or need to perform regular migrations.

Out of SharePoint, Into ?

There are a number of vendors out there who provide content migration capabilities that will get your content out of a content management system, or file share, and into SharePoint. MetaVis Technologies and Vamosa are just two of the vendors we've talked about recently.

Maybe you ask why you would want to migrate from Oracle, an enterprise level CMS to SharePoint? Metalogix states one of the reasons tends to be "ECM sticker shock". But not everyone is working with the SharePoint is cheaper mindset, and some provide ways to get content out of SharePoint and into something else.

But if it's SharePoint you use and Oracle you want clear of, take a trial run of the Metalogix Migration Manager for Oracle/Stellent and see how she does.