CaseCentral Introduces eDiscovery Connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator
CaseCentral (news, site), a provider of on-demand eDiscovery software has announced a new connector that will help eliminate manual exports and uploads, saving time and processing fees.

This week, the leaders of eDiscovery solutions will gather at Legal Tech in New York. Deemed the “largest and most important legal technology event of the year” Legal Tech showcases the newest products and releases of vendors.

One of the vendors who will have a new product demo is CaseCentral. They have announced a new connector that integrates Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator with the cloud-based CaseCentral eDiscovery Platform.

The ultimate aim is to eliminate the need for manual exports and uploads between IT and legal departments. By integrating these solutions, users cannot only save a lot of time, but by using the new connector they can bypass the electronic data discovery (EDD) processing fees for data moved into CaseCentral from Enterprise Vault. This simplifies the process, and greatly reduced the possibility for error.

Exporting Searches Automatically

Customers who use Symantec’s Enterprise Vault to manage documents and preservation needs may also use Symantec’s Discovery Accelerator to extend the search functionality of Enterprise Vault's email and file archiving software.

Once users have completed their searches via Discovery Accelerator, the connectorautomatically exports the results to the cloud-based CaseCentral eDiscovery Platform so that legal teams can perform early case assessment, analysis, review and production. Such exports allow compliance teams to better control data and transparency, while of course reducing the costs and risk associated with the process.

Speaking of costs, the typical fees associated with electronically stored information (ESI) can be as much as US$ 1500 per gigabyte and can take days or weeks to prepare. Allowing for integration and automated transfers between Symantec and CaseCentral reduces fees altogether, as well as time spent processing and preparing for review.

Learning Opportunities

Living in the Cloud

There are many who believe that 2010 will bring new advancements to cloud computing. In the meantime, however, many vendors are seeking out ways to incorporate the cloud into their platforms, making it easier for companies to move eDiscovery in-house.

CaseCentral was one of the first, who back in February 2009 delivered its fourth version of their first multi-case, multi-party eDiscovery review platform. Heading into the clouds helped CaseCentral’s customers reduce risks associated with transmitting proprietary and confidential data outside the firewall. Soon many other companies saw the benefits that adopting SaaS and cloud computing-based software afforded them, namely the ability to cut deployment time and maintenance costs, and increase storage space almost infinitely.

Symantec is no slouch either. Last week it released OpsCenter Analytics, a new NetBackup reporting and management console that provides standardized monitoring and reporting of backup and archive information for Enterprise Vault, among others.

Archive + Cloud-Based eDiscovery

The CaseCentral -- Symantec partnership affords both companies the ability to improve the eDiscovery process while helping their customers integrate a leading enterprise archive with a leading cloud-based eDiscovery platform.

The CaseCentral Connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator will be beta tested with clients in Q1CY2010 and will be generally available via CaseCentral in late spring 2010. Look for a connector demo at 2010 LegalTech New York, February 1-3.