Nuxeo (news, site) has updated its SaaS product for configuration and customization of the Nuxeo open source Enterprise CMS that the company offers to Nuxeo Connect subscribers. Nuxeo Studio now sports new features for content automation.

Content Automation for Improved Business Processes

Using Nuxeo Studio, SIs, IAs and BAs can configure both Nuxeo EP and Nuxeo DM when designing their organization-specific content models and parameters; as well as vertical and horizontal content applications based on the Nuxeo open source Enterprise CMS platform.

Some of new features include:

  • Ability to create content automation chains in addition to the already existing content operations, such as copy, move, create document, transform to pdf, etc.
  • Ability to bind content automation chains to the Content Actions UI and filter data based on the integration with the JBoss Rules engine.
  • Use content templates to define the layout of folders inside a new document type and to define the structure of new content objects.
  • Summary view can be designed via a “summary tab” to display content objects.
  • Virtual navigation entry points can be bound to Nuxeo Studio-defined hierarchical metadata.
  • Ability to define values of hierarchical vocabularies using a tree-like structures in the UI.
  • RESTful API can be used to expose operations and operations chains.

Overall, it seems that some of the advantages of Nuxeo Studio may include shorter time to market and, consecutively, lower deployment costs for new ECM launches.

Being one of the revenue generation vehicles for the open source Nuxeo, this product is sold at various levels, starting at US$ 5,000.