Nuxeo Enhances Support and Maintenance Value
Open source Enterprise CMS and Document Management vendor Nuxeo (news, site) is extending the value of its Nuxeo Connect support and maintenance service with a new product named Nuxeo Studio.

Nuxeo Connect: The Core Support Service

Nuxeo Connect is a subscription service delivered toNuxeo's customers,providing maintenance and support for Nuxeo'sEnterprise CMSsoftware.


The Nuxeo Services Offering for Paying Customers

It includes such usuals as service levelagreements, access to certified patches, configuration, monitoring and managementtools, as well as product updates. Like most vendors, open source or not, Nuxeo offers premium 24/7 support levels as part of NuxeoConnect.

Introducing Nuxeo Studio

Nuxeo Studio is a new configuration and customization environment for the Nuxeo open source Enterprise CMS. It is being made available as a part of the Nuxeo Connect subscription service. The company asserts that Studio is all about trimming the development time associated with implementing a Nuxeo-based document management application.

The new offering also clearly serves as an additional carrot, luring non-paying users of Nuxeo's open source software into the fold of paying customers. This game of carrots and sticks is one of the most important aspects of the commercial open source business model. Nuxeo uses a single repository model for managing their source code. So paying and non-paying customers all have access to the same source code. By offering ancillary tools via a subscription SaaS model,  commercial open source vendors can increase both the perceived and real value of their commercial support offerings.

Highlights of Nuxeo Studio

In essence, NuxeoStudio is a web-based administrative tool for Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (Nuxeo EP) and packaged applications, such as Nuxeo Document Management (Nuxeo DM). It can be used for easiercustomizationsof Nuxeo ECM and DM platforms without much developerinvolvement.

Current features of Nuxeo Studio include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Content Model Definition
  • Content Views and Forms Design
  • Definition of Content Lifecycles
  • Search Form Design
  • Controlled Vocabulary Definition
  • Rapid Application Branding (logo, colors, etc.)
  • Rapid application prototyping


Nuxeo Studio -- Content TypePresentation Design

The company has promised to continually improve and expand Nuxeo Studio and to work closely with the community when prioritizing new features. Items on the current roadmap include:

  • Graphical Workflow Design and Modeling
  • Business Rules Definition
  • Content Actions Definition
  • Application Version Management
  • Eclipse and Source Control Integration

You can participate in the software development process via the Nuxeo Studio bug tracker and/or the Nuxeo Studio support forum. Studio is available as part of the Connect Support package or on a per application basis. The per application pricing runs between US$ 5,000 and 15,000 depending on the number of authorized developers.

A Busy Start to 2010

Paris-based Nuxeo had a strong finish to 2009 and has so far had a good start to 2010. They recently added a Digital Asset Management product to their offering, they are benefiting from one of their partner's efforts, delivering an IBM-to-Nuxeo migration tool, and just a few days ago they released an updated version of their Apache Chemistry CMIS implementation.

Stay tuned here, the company's product roadmap is a busy place these days -- additional promises for 2010 include a unified enterprise correspondence manager, a structured documentation server and work towards DoD 5015.2 records management capabilities.