Open source Enterprise CMS provider Nuxeo (news, site) continues to grow its product suite by adding DAM (Digital Asset Management) to the existing ECM and DM (Document Management) capabilities.

This announcement came out at the just wrapped Gilbane Boston conference (see our coverage here, check Twitter activity).

Nuxeo DAM Overview

Architecture and CMIS Support

Nuxeo DAM is built on the Nuxeo ECM platform (Nuxeo EP) and leverages the same repository as Nuxeo DM (Nuxeo Core), aiming to offer a user-friendly UI along with features that make DAM easy and productive.

nuxeo dam arch.png

Nuxeo Architecture

While not all Enterprise CMS vendors store digital assets in the same repository as other content, Nuxeo handles digital assets in the same content repository to avoid duplication of effort, manage access rights centrally and allow for audit and verification of activities.

On the architecture side, it is important to note that Nuxeo DAM is based on a pluggable, modular architecture for easier re-use. This approach should allow customers to build new vertical and customized applications with a completely new UIs on top of the platform.  

According to the vendor, Nuxeo DAM is the first CMIS-enabled DAM product. Since DAM is using the same content repository, the same one or several databases as Nuxeo EP (the Nuxeo Core backend), it is automatically CMIS-compliant thanks to the Apache Chemistry implementation done previously.

User Interface and Search

Nuxeo says the web-based interface is built for creative users and provides intuitive experience with the ability to streamline routine tasks. Navigation in the UI can be performed via either asset lists, metadata or thumbnails with tiling (zoom-in/out preview) built in.

Learning Opportunities

Nuxeo DAM UI.png

Nuxeo DAM User Interface

Search is a big part of this beta release with the ability to:

  • Filter search results
  • Use native database abilities for full text and metadata search and more.

nuxeo dam search results.png

Search in Nuxeo DAM

Core DAM Features

With more to come, some of Nuxeo DAM features include:

  • Support for a growing number of file formats, including JPG, RAW, TIF, mp4, avi, aif/aiff/aifc, Open Office.
  • LDAP integration for user and group management: all capabilities that are available in DM are also available in DAM.
  • Metadata management: can attach any number of metadata schemas to assets and customize metadata stored in an XML file, so that users can add new XML configurations, a new field, etc.
  • Metadata extraction: Nuxeo DAM supports EXIF, IPTC and other industry standards.
  • IP and rights management: controlled use of internal and external assets, such as licensed content with expiration dates.
  • Large volume batch uploads using the bulk import mechanism with bulk metadata extraction and definition.
  • While WebDAV is not available for import activities, the repository can be exposed via it for browsing.
  • Some transformation, transcoding and renditioning capabilities.

To see more DAM functionalities, you can check out Nuxeo DAM for yourself and download the beta version here.

What to Expect in the Future

Although the DAM product is still in the beta phase with a lot more work to be done, it looks like Nuxeo is off to a good start with further extending their open source enterprise-level product suite. The plan is to officially release the DAM system in January 2010. For those of you looking to contribute, Nuxeo is looking for feedback to help them prioritize the roadmap and feature set.

The company also announced what to expect in the next product versions of Nuxeo DAM 1.2 and 1.3. Proposed enhancements include workflow, lifecycle management, video and audio metadata extraction, saved search, face recognition and video annotations (among many others).