It's been a little while since Nuxeo released the last version of its Enterprise Content Management Platform: Nuxeo Enterprise Platform 5.1, but they haven't been sitting idle since then. They have just announced the release of Nuxeo Rich Client Platform (RCP) 2.0, a rich client platform for developing ECM applications. Nuxeo, based in Paris, is an open source ECM provider compared often to Alfresco. Their enterprise content management platform is based on Java EE 5 technologies. Their solutions are built on the open source model with no cost for licenses, but a subscription based model based on number of deployments.

Nuxeo ECM Stack

Nuxeo RCP 2.0 is only one component in a full ECM Stack. It's core base is the Nuxeo Service Platform which is an open source, service-oriented, Java-based ECM platform providing full services for document management, collaboration, records management, digital assets management retention, compliance and archiving.

Nuxeo ECM Stack

Nuxeo RCP 2.0

The Nuxeo Rich Client Platform is designed to provide a rich client interface (based on the Eclipse RCP framework) to the services of the Nuxeo Service Platform. RCP 2.0 is a framework and a set of components built as an extensible OSGI-based platform. This latest version is culmination of extensive product research and development and specific application design for businesses in the press agency and defense procurement industry.

Nuxeo RCP 2.0 interface

Enhancements to the product include: * Richer user interface * Multimedia editing for picture, video and sound * Integration with OS and desktop applications * Ability to work offline RCP's Key Differentiator Nuxeo RCP uses the same document management core as that used by the thin client version Nuxeo EP (Enterprise Platform). This enables Nuxeo developers to work seamlessly between the rich client and thin client versions, including the sharing of a single model and API. RCP also uses the Eclipse IDE, which is one of the most popular IDEs for Java development. It includes a number of portlets (or Eclipse views) out of the box for quick development of document management applications. All these improvements are good news for organizations who use the open source ECM platform. The multimedia capabilities and the ability to work offline are almost standard requirements for any ECM system today. To learn more about the Nuxeo Enterprise Content Management Platform, visit their website.