Nuxeo, OpenLogic Unite for Brighter Open Source ECM Future

Open Source Enterprise CMS vendor Nuxeo (news, site) is trying to make it easier for anyone interested in using its technology stack to bring those dreams to reality -- from top to bottom.

Today's announcement of the partnership with OpenLogic (news, site) is designed to help various organizations and system integrators looking to deploy Nuxeo ECM system to have a one-stop shop for Professional Services and Customer Support.

We know too well that PS and support is where de trop of your budget will be spent, even if you’re still in the pink haze of the illusion that open source is free or cheap.

Together, Nuxeo and OpenLogic plan to bring open source services closer to you, especially useful if you’re looking to deploy (and then support) a stack that includes Nuxeo Enterprise CMS platform, accompanied by JBoss on the server side and PostgreSQL as the database of your choice.

Why the Colorado-based OpenLogic? The vendor is known for its expertise in open source software and enterprise software in general, including the de rigueur players like Linux, the Apache Software Foundation, Red Hat, Novell, Microsoft and JasperSoft.

“The Nuxeo Enterprise Platform is increasingly integrated with a set of common, proven open source technology that OpenLogic supports," another reason added by Eric Barroca, CEO of Nuxeo.

Of course, Nuxeo is also looking for ISVs and implementation partners in the US to expand its Americas footprint. Open source ain’t free, yet just another business model -- that thought is starting to settle down in the minds of many organizations (we’d hope).

Speaking of money… Nuxeo and OpenLogic support offerings come in a variety of flavors. Pricing for support of the Nuxeo ECM stack starts at US$ 30,000 per year for business hours support. Workgroup edition with up to 10 support incidents will cost you starting at US$ 9,000 per year.

Nuxeo Connect is another option for functional and technical support, patches and updates, etc. for any ECM implementation stage, from design to system monitoring.