Nuxeo: Records Sales for Q1 and a GA Release of their Enterprise CMS
It's official, Nuxeo (news. site) has released Nuxeo 5.2.0 of EP (Enterprise Platform) and DM (Document Management). Nuxeo DM is the new name of the default application, while they still refer to the platform itself as Nuxeo (or Nuxeo EP).

To celebrate the launch, Stefane Fermigier, Founder and now Chairman of Nuxeo created a little movie trailer (we really like the music).

Nuxeo EP and DM 5.2.0

The Enterprise Platform, Nuxeo EP 5.2, was released the end of March, this included Document Management. It has a number of new features like Annotations -- which are really cool -- Web Workspaces and SharePoint Services(WSS). There are also a number of new technical improvements, not the least of which is that Nuxeo now has a SQL Storage engine.

It's a little confusing to understand where the platform ends and the Document Management solution begins. Especially when the two weren't really differentiated before.


Nuxeo Galaxy

According to Fermigier, the Windows Installers aren't ready yet, but they are coming. 

Records Sales in Q1 of 2009

The official launch of Nuxeo DM 5.2.0 GA isn't the only thing that has Nuxeo floating in the clouds though. They have also just announced a record number of orders for the first quarter of 2009 that is a 100% increase over the same quarter last year. This is another indication of the growing use of open source solutions in this down economy.

Nuxeo says the growth can be attributed to sales in the US (where they just opened an office in January) and Europe."This first quarter’s results are a perfect illustration of how committed our sales, consulting and development teams are to our clients' needs and evolving requirements, said Arnaud Lefèvre, VP Sales and Management Board Member.

Between GA releases, record sales and a lot hard work on the Apache CMIS specification, Nuxeo is out to prove their open source enterprise content management solution is the right solution for you.

Head here to download your copy.