Open source Enterprise CMS creators Nuxeo (news, site) released a major update to Nuxeo Studio bringing it to version 2.0. This will be of interest to partners and customers looking to improve application design, customization and deployment on top of the ECM platform.

When Nuxeo Studio was released, Nuxeo formulated this product as part of their strategy to deliver “Customization-as-a-Service” to application developers working with Nuxeo EP and Nuxeo DM.

Nuxeo Studio 2.0 features new design tools to allow developers to build and deploy new features, content types and automations. Some of the new features include:

  • Content View configuration
  • Email notifications
  • User Groups
  • Widget configuration
  • Content transformation for external publishing and exporting.

Due to the as-a-service delivery method, current users of Nuxeo Studio don’t need to do any installations or upgrades. Any work that has been done in version 1 is promised to be backwards compatible.

And here’s an interesting quote from senior project manager Hervé Brasme with Ineat Conseil, a French systems integrator, showing how very different technologies can live under one roof:

There is tremendous value in Nuxeo Studio, because its graphical design interface lets our technical team deliver on customer requirements without coding. Our .NET developers are now delivering cutting edge Java-based content applications by using the power of Nuxeo Studio.