Per a bemused joint announcement by Day Software and Quatico Solutions (a leading CMS purveyor), Day was just awarded "Data Migration" certification to the Quatico Content Importer. What does this mean for you? Little unless you've got legacy data parked in Obtree C4.The data and content migration approval means OpenText/Obtree C4 legacy data can be efficiently and inexpensively migrated to Day Communiqué. Because Day is a leading enterprise CMS solution, this transition will yield a dramatic efficiency upgrade for lots of companies who've been parked at the proprietary repository. With the cert in place, former Obtree customers can use Quatico to consolidate and sync their projects, simplify massive data migrations, and - perhaps most critically - upgrade virtually seamlessly to Day Communiqué. We love an idiot-proof upgrade. And once the Day transition happens, customers can leverage the future-proof architecture that is based on JCR (JSR 170), the current leading content standard. Day has played a critical role in making JSR 170 more compatible across the ECM landscape, having launched JSR-170 CMS repository connectors in 2005. Day also reported intentions to develop JSR 170 components for Oracle some months ago. Managing Partner at Quatico Beat Christen notes, "Previous migration projects have taught us that leveraging effective migration tools early in a project is crucial for salvaging the content investments locked away inside legacy repositories [...] While migrating content from Obtree C4 is an immediate need for many customers, we are also working on providing migration to Day Communiqué from a variety of other legacy CMS repositories." Quatico, which specializes mainly in developing Intranet and Internet Web apps, has also won accolades for the successful liaison from the hallowed realm of Day's engineering department. "We are pleased with Quatico's efforts to provide a direct upgrade path for Obtree C4 customers to Day's future-proof, JCR-based applications," says SVP of Engineering Jean-Michel Pittet. "QCI will help our customers to substantially improve the efficiency and increase the ROI associated with their ECM initiatives, consolidations and upgrades." We always get excited about a happy pairing. Day was founded in 1993 as a web app and content management company with sights set on global and multi-lingual enterprises. Customers include Global 1000 corporations in multiple industries. They are headquartered in both Basel, Switzerland and Newport Beach, CA, though the Day empire includes sales offices in the UK, Singapore and Germany. Learn more about them at the Day website. And while you're at it, read about their Communiqué offering.