CMS Watch Digital Asset Management Report
Busy group of analysts over at CMS Watch these days, releasing reports like crazy. They must be getting ready for a hot summer hiatus. The latest report to come out is called The Digital & Media Asset Management Report 2008. It reviews 10 of the leading DAM vendors in the market today as well as 8 specialty and up-and-coming vendors. Digital Asset Management is a huge priority for organizations today. As social media becomes even more important to marketing a business, they are using more and more video, audio and images to sell their wares. They are even storing these things from user-generated content. So keeping track of it all is imperative.

Vendors Reviewed

CMS Watch aims to help these organizations find a vendor that fits their requirements. Their latest report provides detailed reviews of 10 DAM vendors, including: * Open Text: Artesia DAM 6.8 * Interwoven: MediaBin 4.6.1 * EMC: Documentum Digital Asset Manager 6.1 * ADAM Software: ADAM 4.2 * Microsoft: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 * Day Software: Communiqué DAM Specialty vendors reviewed include: Xinet: WebNative Suite, MediaBeacon: R3volution Enterprise DAM Suite, Chuckwalla: Chuckwalla 5.8. And two up and coming products worthy of review are: Nstein: DAM and Apple: Final Cut Server.

Other Benefits of the Report

Along with the vendor review sections, CMS Watch has a comprehensive section on developing the business case for a DAM product and lots of advice, best practices and common pitfalls to avoid. If you don't have the money for a full fledged enterprise product and as a result, don't want to pay for a report that covers these products, you can purchase a SMB/Workgroup Edition that reviews a subset of 12 vendors that will better suit your size and pocketbook. The cost? For the enterprise version you pay US $1975 for a Team License and US $2500 for a Site License. The SMB/Departmental Edition comes in at US $895 for a Team License and US $1475 for Site License. Have a look at the Table of Contents or see what others are saying about this report.