The sun is shining for Day Software, a company known for its global content management and content infrastructure software and who has just announced the release of its new stand-alone digital asset management solution (DAM). Part of Day’s Communiqué (CQ DAM) line, CQ DAM is the only content application with native JCR standard-compliance available. "Today, companies face significant challenges in managing the exponential growth of new enterprise content, in addition to the content that already resides in information silos across their organizations," David Nuescheler, CTO of Day stated. "Day's new CQ DAM solution connects people with their most relevant information, enabling businesses to streamline management of their digital assets, while delivering the brand control and consistency required by our blue-chip customers." Previously, companies often found their content locked away in proprietary legacy repositories. But with the new standard that Day is spearheading with other industry leaders, the customer will be allowed access to use their most valuable information. Any application that uses the industry standard API will be able to run on any JSR 170-compliant repository. CQ DAM operates within the context of creative workflows to provide centralized management for essential metadata information and digital media files. It extends the value of rich media by offering efficient asset management through a central repository for all departments in the enterprise. It also utilizes key Web 2.0 design features like an AJAX user interface, increasing usability. Key features of the latest version of CQ DAM include: * An AJAX-loaded, browser-based user interface * Graphics support that allows the conversion and recompression of images, supporting image filters, scaling, cropping and watermarks * Video support that allows importing and exporting of Final Cut Pro EDL (Mac users rejoice!) * Audio support that allows the importing of an extensive variety of audio formats * Document support, compatible with an extensive variety of document formats – including MS Office, Adobe PDF and Quark Express. * Process support that provides a workflow and notifications functionality * Support for metadata from all digital assets, extracted and indexed during the import stage. * Import and export features that support the WebDAV protocol Built-in DAM services include a powerful metadata management engine, user and workgroup management, comprehensive version control, and integration with relevant 3rd party tools. It can also create dynamic rules for each asset or asset class in order to control access and user rights, thus providing intellectual property protection. Pretty cool. Communiqué 4.2 will also ship with and run natively on Day’s Java Content Repository. Does this sound juicy to you? For more information, check out Day’s website. In recent news, yesterday Day released the public review for JSR 283, meaning it's already prepping for the future (even as it maintains its JSR 170 street cred).