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What's the first thing you do when you wake up? Right, check your mobile phone (Don't even try to deny that). And now, Open Text (news, site) is bringing Enterprise CMS to a phone near you, so you cannot escape work, but can jump right into your ECM activities after checking Twitter.

Organizations would be happy to know there's yet another way to increase workforce productivity thanks to Open Text Everywhere.

Open Text Wants to Be Everywhere

As Eugene Roman,CTO of Open Text, told us (no, we didn’t get to talking about VQA winesand his Rosewood Estates winery in the Niagara region), Open Text Everywhere is a new nativemobile application from Open Text designed to make the entire Open TextECM Suite available on mobile devices. It is scheduled to be released inearly May 2010.

The first step in this Open Text endeavor is tosupport limited ECM functionality on BlackBerry smartphones with moreECM applications and supported devices to come in the future.

Smartphonesare smart enough nowadays that they can take the role of laptops anddesktops and extend its use beyond the usual email, calendaring,messaging, microblogging and checking the news.

Open Text countsin that fact and wants to offer document browsing, search andworkflow managing capabilities to its mobile users. The plan isthree-fold right now:

1. Manage Everywhere

Although prettybasic, there are some document and content management capabilities inthis release of Open Text Everywhere: ability to browse folders, search,view, manage and email documents stored in the Open Text ECM Suite. Things like content publishing should be coming later.

2. EngageEverywhere

This is where process workflows come in, so that you canapprove workflow items literally in your sleep.

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Open Text plans tooffer the ability to initiate workflows, attach and view documentsrelated to a business process, approve or reject workflows – all on amobile device.

Learning Opportunities

3. Collaborate Everywhere

Also in this earlystage of Open Text Everywhere release, you will see some collaborationand social media features in Open Text Social Media, which will includeparticipating in communities, viewing and adding to social communitywikis and blogs, connecting with users and getting important informationfrom member profiles. With time, these basic capabilities will beextended across all media offerings.

Open TextEverywhere uses the BlackBerry platform’s secure connectiontransportation layer for fully encrypted wireless communication,allowing for the same organizational permissions model to be used formobile users.

Other mobile devices – most likely iPhone (there’s an app there already) and other major players like Android and WindowsMobile – should be supported later on.

Future Plans for MobileStrategy

Later in 2010, Open Text plans to expand its mobile ECMapplications and add the following:

  • Mobile applications for VendorInvoice Management and other transactional content management solutionsintegrated with SAP
  • Mobile applications for eDOCS documentmanagement solution
  • Mobile social media applications based onVignette Community Services and Vignette Community Applications

Inearly 2011, Open Text plans to focus on the following:

  • A mobileemail management application for legal, regulatory or corporategovernance rules customers
  • Web content management for Vignette orRedDot CMS is not in the plans yet, but is being analyzed and challengesare being weighed for possible implementation in 2011 and beyond.

AsRoman has mentioned, “Business doesn’t stop when we leave the desktopor the laptop. It’s time to unleash business content, processes andapplications to go wherever employees need them on a smartphone.”

While the pricing for ECM functionality for your mobile phones hasn’t beendisclosed at the time of the interview, we were told current and futureOpen Text customers will find it reasonable.