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The answer is buyer's remorse.The question is: what was the emotion felt by the senior leadership of all the organizations that invested in Hummingbird Enterprise just before their subsequent acquisition by ECM behemoth Open Text?While most acquisition stories end with the acquiree going away never to be heard from again, this tale continues to have a happy ending for Hummingbird Enterprise customers.Open Text, the largest provider of enterprise content management software and solutions that is not named EMC Documentum, has taken its investment in the eDOCS records management solution (formerly Hummingbird Enterprise)and updated it to be compliant with U.S. Department of Defense 5015.2-STD.How important is this certification?The DoD 5015.2-STD is thought of so highly in the industry that many corporate organizations have followed the lead of the U.S. Government and adopted the standard as a requirement for records management software.While many IT administrators are concerned about their enterprise database infrastructure violating the standard,Open Text solves this problem by certifying the eDOCS RM solution for both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server-based implementations.The eDOCS RM extension for the Livelink ECM product helps customers manage critical records in either electronic or physical formats.Furthermore, the solution is deeply integrated with email in order to capture important emails, attachments, and threads so they can be managed as records.The solution is further strengthened with enhanced security, event notifications, and built-in reporting tools.The announcement above is simply a continuation of Open Text's leadership in the records management industry.Leadership that was illustrated by the partnership with SAP and continued by the announced alliance with Microsoft.As supporters of standards adoption, we at CMSWire commend Open Text for its achievement of the 5015.2-STD and wish nothing but good luck in future endeavors.For more information about Open Text's complete portfolio of products, please visit their website.