Open Text Offers E-mail Management Solution for Lawyers
Open Text is expanding its ECM portfolio by announcing a new solution for e-mail management targeted at law firms.The solution -- Open Text E-mail Lifecycle Management for Law Firms -- combines such features as e-mail filing and archiving and aims to help firms to define, secure and control the e-mail management and retention processes according to compliance mandates and internal policies.

Open Text Email Technologies

Open Text is known for an array of its LiveLink ECM e-mail management tools, ranging in capabilities from Lotus Notes to MS Exchange, and from e-mail archiving and management to e-mail monitoring. Combining Open Text's E-mail Archiving for MS Exchange with Open Text LegalKEY records management capabilities, this new application is designed to manage the entire lifecycle of e-mails from creation to disposal. Document management and LegalKey technologies were inherited by Open Text from Hummingbird.

Main Benefits

* Up to 90% reduction in the size of the MS Exchange database* Up to 75% reduction in the number of MS Exchange servers* Accelerated backup procedures, from more than 24 hours to less than two hours in some cases* Improved user compliance with Document and Records Management policiesWith server-based rules, customers can be prompted when e-mails should be archived from the message server, while still allowing users to view archived e-mails in their inboxes.Another nice feature is the ability to access multiple profiling tools used to classify e-mails into the firm's document management system to connect the client’s case documents with related e-mail correspondence. Additional end-user controls are peppered on top to support retention and disposal of e-mails.

Money Matters

An automated solution for categorizing high-value and high-volume critical content should sound quite appealing to lawyers. According to Open Text, 70% of AmLaw 100 firms are using Open Text's content management solutions, contributing to Open Text’s strong financial results. For more information, visit Open Text.