OpenText Launches Feature Packed Fax Server

In companies of all shapes and sizes, one of the key frustrations is dealing with faxes. Faxes have been around for a long time and are still used in today's businesses, and organizations are looking for ways to better manage these cumbersome documents.

To help combat fax management issues, Open Text, an Enterprise CMS provider, announced a new version of their Open Text Fax Server. The Fax Server software serves as an electronic way to deliver and manage paper faxes. Along with the news about the Fax Server update, Open Text has also revealed their Open Text Fax Server Connector for MOSS. This connector software will allow organizations to capture and deliver fax documents within SharePoint.

The products are being re-branded following the Open Text acquisition of Captaris RightFax.

What's New With Open Text Fax Server

Open Text has been at work trying to improve their new Fax Server offering. Open Text Fax Server, which is actually version 9.4 of Captaris RightFax, offers support for virtualized environments. Network administrators, who are increasingly using virtualization in their data centers, will be glad to know Open Text Fax Server can be run in a virtualized environment. Also for the network administrators: support for Microsoft Active Directory 2008, IPv6 and T.29 Fax over IP. Fax Server will allow for Fax-over-IP failover in multiple gateway environments. On the virtualization front, Fax Server is available for FMWare ESX server 3.0.1+.  Virtualization is nothing new with Open Text.

For administrators of the Fax Server, Open Text has enhanced the auditing capabilities offered in Enterprise Fax Reporter and can now audit time and responsible parties for user and group additions. Also, reporting query performance has been improved.

SharePoint Integration

Looking at Open Text Fax Server Connector 2.0 for MOSS 2007, this software package offers great functionality for SharePoint users. With the tool, users can send inbound and outbound faxes from SharePoint sites and document libraries. Also, users can search fax-related content with the Open Text TIFF iFilter. As a final feature, SharePoint workflows can be applied to import and index faxes between Fax Server and the SharePoint workflow engine. The Connector software is evidence of Open Text further supporting SharePoint integration.

Further Innovating On an Old Technology

With Open Text Fax Server, the Enterprise CMS company continues to innovate around facsimile technology. Open Text was wise to extend Windows networking support into the update Fax Server. By further supporting Active Directory, Open Text inspires Microsoft-based shops to give Fax Server a closer look.

Also, embracing Microsoft Office SharePoint is a smart move. SharePoint is making inroads into businesses of all sizes, and the new Open Text Fax Server seems like a great way to integrate fax content into SharePoint sites and document libraries.