Open Text Releases 2010 Product Roadmap Details

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Open Text Announces 2010 Product Roadmap Details

With Open Text Content World under way in Orlando, here comes the announcement on Open Text’s (news, site) 2010 product roadmap and plans for its Enterprise CMS, Enterprise 2.0, Social Media, DAM and Web CMS product lines.

Among the highlights -- we know ya'll are curious -- are rebranding changes to Vignette and Web Solutions (formerly RedDot).

WCM Products Rebranding

In 2010, the two products, that garnered so much attention in the recent past, will be renamed. Vignette will become the Web Content Foundation, and Web Solutions will be renamed to Website Management.

The reasoning behind the rebranding was around the different goals of the two products. RedDot is more business- and page-centric, therefore, Website Management. Vignette, on the other hand, is seen by Open Text as developer-oriented and application-centric with more coding involved. Hence -- the Foundation.

The much-anticipated VCM v8 release will remain under the Vignette nomenclature because it is going GA this year, told us Marci Maddox, director of global product marketing at Open Text.

VCM version 8.1, coming in Q2 2010, will be integrated with Open Text Content Server (formerly Livelink).

In the Name of Efficiency

Open Text’s mantra for 2010 product vision and roadmap is cost efficiency and savings, as supported by feedback from customers and partners. According to Maddox, the main drivers behind these decisions are to empower people to do their jobs faster, while ensuring cost efficiency and profitability for the organization.

Social Media Focus

Open Text plans to pour a lot of attention into the social media and collaboration side of things. Here we’re talking about things like ideas management, integrating the traditional intranet with social knowledge management, increased revenue through more social and engaging web properties; and new ways of corporate interaction through social communities.

Open Text Social Media software will see version 1.1 release in 2010 with the addition of such new features as wiki editor and quick messaging (a combo of instant messaging and microblogging).

Vignette Community Applications 8.0 will be supported as well with a release in Q1 2010. It will build on existing social community capabilities like idea management, blogs, wikis and forums.

Learning Opportunities

The two social media products will be positioned differently based on their different natures and goals: social collaboration communities vs. social intranet.

Open Text Web Solutions will also see social media components such as the commenting feature added from Vignette, as well as utilization of user-generated digital assets on pages using Artesia DAM product (to be renamed to Media Management). A new version 7.0 of the DAM product should come out in Q1 2010.

Open Text, of course, is catering to all those organizations concerned about the need for social media elements, but in a conservative, secure and cost-effective way.

Product Roadmap for Web Content Management

Open Text Web Solutions 10.1 -- planned for the first half of 2010 -- will have social media focus (using Vignette Community Applications and Services) with more integrations into Open Text’s DAM system and Content Server.

Open Text’s Portal Manager 9.0 for SAP NetWeaver Portal will see a new release around the first quarter of 2010 with focus on dynamic content and dynamic navigation structures managed in the portal structure.

Open Text also mentioned a plan for a combo solution called Web Business Application (targeted for 2012) based on Vignette Content Management foundation and application framework of Open Text Web Solutions with focus in the areas of content modeling and templating, in-context editing and faster Web site deployment.