Oracle,Universal Online Archive,Content Management
Oracle has taken it's Universal Content Management solution to a new level by announcing two new components: Universal Online Archive and Email Archive Service. Both of these components are just the latest in the long line of integrated products to support the growing needs of content management.Both of these new components are part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware -- an integrated portfolio of software that runs the gamut from Application Servers to Portals to Developer tools to Content Management and a whole lot more.

Universal Online Archive

Oracle Universal Online Archive (UOA) is a scalable solution for archiving any type of content using their own database as the storage vehicle. This is a hot-pluggable onsite archiving solution meaning you can pick it and drop it in without having to shut everything down to do it. Oracle says using their database for storage provides benefits such as data accessibility and security in combination with Oracle Database's capabilities for data de-duplication, compression and storage management. The UOA can be run on a number of different operating systems and hardware platforms based on either a centralized or distributed architecture.

Oracle E-mail Archive Service

The E-mail Archive Service enables organizations to easily offload emails to an archive location where they can be safely stored for compliance purposes. When combined with the UOA high volume import engine, organizations can have a single instance archive of Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and other SMTP email servers. Definitely a good thing in this age of e-discovery. “Oracle has decades of experience in managing huge volumes of data efficiently and securely. Oracle Universal Online Archive takes that deep understanding and brings it to bear on actively archiving multiple types of unstructured content and particularly e-mail. The result is a uniquely flexible archiving platform that helps lower IT costs, simplify the integration of security and records management policies into the archiving process, and improve end user access to current and archived information.” said Frank Radichel, vice president, Software Development, Oracle. This move is just a continuation in the story of vendors showing their ability to support the compliance and e-discovery processes that are required by organizations today. HP's acquisition of Tower is another example, as is IBM's Compliance Warehouse solution. Content Management has certainly changed from the days when it was only about finding a better way to create and manage content. The fact that it's getting much more complicated makes selecting the best ECM vendor very difficult.